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Skratch is a safe, simple way for teenagers to find and complete local paying gigs.

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Teenagers have a lot to offer. They’re motivated by opportunity and reward same as adults. It used to be easier for young people to find honest work around the neighborhood. We built Skratch to make it simple to post, find, and complete local gigs. It’s an opportunity engine that connects and benefits the people on both sides of the equation. Besides earning money, teens can get in the habit of making good habits because it’s about today and their futures too. Watch to learn more.

Skratch Inexpensive


Skratch offers gigs that will cost you far less than any other resource you might consider using. Not only are we a low cost solution, but you will be more than impressed by the excellent service and quality skratchers deliver. They want the chance to earn and are willing to work hard and deliver customer satisfaction.

Skratch Flexible


There are hundreds of teens in your neighborhood and they are thrilled to share their skills. You can request a gig a few hours in advance or a week before. With so many options and so many teens ready to serve, Skratch is there when you need it.

Skratch Safe


Skratch is a safe way to get an extra set of hands to help you get life done. The relationships created are between trusted teens and adults that live in the same area. It is likely they know each other already but never knew there was a skill to be shared.

Need help getting started or support call 866.Get.Skratch (866.438.7572)

Our Values in Action

Better Together
We need to rely on our neighbors

Shape the Future
Opportunity breeds productivity

Promote Ambition
Inspire enthusiasm with purpose

Earn Trust
The highest form of human motivation

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