Sex Offender Screening

Every user 17 years old or older will be screened utilizing the registered physical address for verification. The address must be cleared before users are permitted to use Skratch on either side of the transaction.

Matching Algorithm

Our development team has worked to create a unique matching algorithm that will ensure digital trust can be established on both sides of the transaction. Seekers are only paired with a potential Skratcher if they have certain criteria in common. In other words, you are likely to find a teen that you know to help.

OTP Verification

We will screen the phone being used to download and register the application, making certain it belongs to the person who registered by sending unique identifier.

Two-way Rating System

Skratch leverages ratings to not only make sure that every transaction is delivered and meets expectations, but also as a means to continually assure the safety of everyone involved.

Phone verification

Once registration is complete, users are sent a code to verify their phone number. This helps to eliminate fake users.


We designed safety into every part of Skratch, from our $1,000,000 liability insurance to our dedicated Trust & Safety team to our 24/7 support, providing all users peace of mind.

Profile viability

Once you post or accept a gig, you will see the name, photo, and will be able to contact the person via text/phone within the app itself.

Social accountability

We believe posting to social media helps ensure accountability.

Parent Consent

No teen under the age of 18 can participate on Skratch without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Parent Notifications

Parents are always notified about the activities of their teens so they can stay informed and know where and when their child is as they participate on Skratch.