• Come play basketball with our 6 year old! We will provide all supplies needed.
  • Our son is going into 3rd grade he needs to practice throwing,catching, and hitting the baseball.
  • Looking for a “catcher” for my son who is learning how to pitch. Was hoping to get 30 minutes of pitching and catching and then 30 minutes of advanced basketball drills.
  • Work on basketball skills with my seven year old son. He knows how to play the game but would love some advanced and challenging drills for the hour.
  • Role model: Help my 8 year grandson learn how to throw a spiral.
  • Putting green guru neeed! Putt with our Jordan Spieth in the making twice a week on our home green.
  • Help our daugther with her volleyball serve. Select team experience preferred.
  • Tennis pro wanted for our 10 yearold dude. Work on back hand swing.
  • Single mama looking for a mentor for my only son. He loves football and baseball. Teach him sports terminology.
  • Run drills with my soccer loving gal. She never tires of company and coud use the help of a fun teen!


  • Walk our two dogs 3X this week while I recover from surgery.
  • Bathe and brush our labradoodle then take him for a 45 minute walk.
  • Feed my son’s iguana and turtle twice a week while he is away at sleepaway camp.
  • The skratcher will help me walk my two dogs for 30 mins and help pick up poo in backyard (including hosing down the grass where poo was.)
  • Take our lab on a 2 block walk, brush with furminator brush for 30 mins, collect hair in bag and throw away.
  • Pet Pig. Jimmy Dean needs to be fed daily while our family is on vacation. Replace fresh water and veggies.
  • Guinnea pig cage needs to be cleaned. Seeker will provide gloves and all needed materials.
  • Help us organize and tidy our house stable. Come in clothes you donÕt mind getting dusty.
  • Refill and clean litter box for our 3 cats. All materials can be found in our garage. Will txt the code to the garage prior to start of gig.

Media & Tech Support


  • Can you help me better understand iPhoto and help me create iBooks? I need a crash course and some help getting started.
  • Take photos and support the host at a pool party.
  • Create a short home video for our son’s 18th birthday party.
  • Help me compile photos for a video collage.
  • Need to create a video that will illustrate our son’s theater performance. Edit exisiting footage.
  • Film all fall pep rallies at Shepton High School.
  • Take pictures at my daughter’s cheerleading competition.
  • Photograph our family for a holiday card.
  • Help our daughter film and edit her history project.
  • HELP media challenged adult! Teach my son how to use his new SLR camera.


  • Enable wi fi extenders.
  • Need smart TV help – particularly connecting to the internet.
  • We need help understanding our smart tv. Help us navigate this technology please!
  • We just bought a new set of phones and even though it comes with a manual, it is confusing. Need help with greeting, retrieving messages, creating a contact list?
  • Need help uploading music and pictures/videos to social media and website.
  • ISO of a skratcher who understands Minecraft Realms and is able to set up a dedicated server for Mincraft.
  • Set up my new tv and help me hook up Apple TV.
  • Troubleshoot our wireless printer.
  • Help me connect my bluetooth accessories to my phone.
  • Help me pack and load our media room for an upcoming move and reset up in the new house.
  • Make a playlist for my daughter’s birthday party, burn CDs to be given out as party favors.

Family Assistant


  • Teach my son how to use Minecraft Realms and play the game with him.
  • Set up a new gaming console.
  • Orchestrate a FIFA tourney for our 9 year old.
  • Come over and play just dance with our daughters.
  • Our boys need a fourth for Mario Cart. Get here fast!
  • Mine What???? Help me help my son with his new console. Don’t know what I’m doing and need a gaming PAL!
  • Supposed to rain all weekend, this gaming pal will save the day with his mad NBA skills. Come show our 8 yearold how it’s done.
  • XBOX one anyone? NBA2K17 and Rocket League.
  • Football season is HERE. Come play Madden17 with our 10 year old.
  • Boys (ages 6 and 4) looking for a playmate. Games, swim, just requesting that the TV not be on until they’ve gotten some exercise!
  • Looking for a fun, older sister-like gal for our twin girls. They are interested in tennis and gymnastics.
  • Entertain my 6 year old during his brother’s baseball game, playground next to the field. Throw a ball around with him. Watch the baseball game with him.
  • I need help reorganizing my tubberware cabinet! I need someone who is organized and enjoys sorting through stuff.
  • Make up artist needed! Help my 10 year old do her make up for her dance recital. Experience with stage make up preferred!
  • We are having friends over for a BBQ and would love help playing with the kids in the playroom and outside. Looking for two helpers if you have a friend!
  • Looking for help with our 3 week old for a few hours while I do a little work from home.


  • Help organize kitchen that was just painted . Trying to put everything back in place
  • I am temporarily homebound, need someone to change several light bulbs , change out AC filters, replace shower curtain liner, take out the trash to the dumpster.
  • Need help organizing a playroom and closet!
  • Help me move mulch from driveway to garden in wheelbarrow and then spread evenly. 2 hours estimated. Thanks!
  • My back is injured and I need help moving to a new house: make boxes, take photos off wall and misc other packing related stuff.
  • Need to spread 2 cu yards of topsoil in various low laying areas of yard. Estimated 2 hours.
  • I need someone to wash my windows. You would need to bring your own cleaning supplies, wipers, towels and liquid soap. I will provide the water hose.
  • Help me move rocks, general yard clean-up, filling in areas with dirt, and spreading mulch.
  • Mom of three- ages 10, 8 and 6 and our playroom needs an overhaul. Skratcher will help sort through old games and toys, empty shelves, create donation stacks, etc.
  • I need someone who can weed front flowerbeds while soil is moist from rain and trim a few bushes, sweep around the pool. Flexible as to what time of day.
  • Need help brushing the pool, due to algea and rain!
  • Need windows cleaned. I will provide you everything needed to complete this gig.
  • Preparing for a garage sale. Need an extra set of eyes day of to monitor and display merchandise.
  • We have buckets of printed photos that we need scanned into the computer so that we have a digital version of them.
  • Need a techy to help me set up my new Mac, printer and connect all to wi-fi.
  • We have boxes of family photos that need to be scanned, and thus converted to digital.
  • Help me organize my pantry. I have purchased containers and bins and need an extra set of hands tackling this job.
  • I own an online gift store. Need support taking inventory and organizing my merchandise.
  • This Dad needs some help organizing my kids summer schedule. Come with ideas for camps, activities, and projects, and field trips. Help me create a weekly schedule.
  • Address and stamp holiday card envelopes.
  • Scan in docs to computer and create a digital filing system.
  • Support our inhome office: shred and recycle documents.
  • Transfer old photos from albums, scan and help box them up.


  • Help me navigate an online course. Only requirements basic computer skills and English language knowledge.
  • Make abc flashcards with my 3 year old daughter.
  • Our twins have to memorize the 50 states. Quiz and come up with a fun way to get them excited about it.
  • Science fair hell. Help create the trifold presentation with our detail oriented indecisive child.
  • Looking for an 8th grade geometry whiz to help our master his exam in 2 weeks!
  • Create addition and subtraction cards with our 7 year old.
  • Work on sorting and categorizing objects with our son who has autism. Skratcher will be sensitive, patient, articilate and enthusiastic.
  • Mother of 4 and our youngest daughter has dyslexia. She needs to practice reading 4 times a week. Interested in learning more about helping kids with academic needs?

Creative Arts

  • Help my son learn to play the piano
  • Help my 8-year-old draw something for a school project
  • Run lines with my 12-year-old for her school play

Event Support

  • Set up and clean up for my twin’s birthday party
  • Work the school carnival dunking booth
  • Take notes during a PTA meeting

Create Your Own

  • Not sure where your gig falls? Create your own with this gig!