Skratcher, want to make an easy $30?

All you have to do is get a new Seeker registered on Skratch and fulfill a gig for them.

How do you register a Seeker and get them to book their free gig?

The simple steps below will give what you need to know

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  1. Register for Skratch.
  2. Introduce Skratch to a neighbor, friend of your parents, or someone you think would make a great Seeker.
    • Help them download and register for the app.
    • Have them post their gig and search for you specifically.
    • Prior to confirming the gig, remind the Seeker to apply MAKE$30 promo code.
    • Show-up to the gig and do a great job!

That’s it, they’ve just booked a one-hour FREE gig and you’ve just earned $30!

**Once the gig has been completed you will receive the standard payment for the gig in 1-3 business days, Skratch will send an additional payment to reach the total $30 in 1-3 business days. Each Skratcher can sign up and book a gig with promo code MAKE$30 with one Seeker in order to make $30, any following Seeker registrations and bookings with MAKE$30 will not result in the Skratcher being paid $30 for those gigs. Instead, standard gig payments will apply.