Skratch Expands Gig-Finding App to 4 New Zip Codes

“Teens in 75075, 75023, 75225, and 75205 ZIP codes can now find ways to make money close to home..”

Operation Kindness Partners with Skratch

“Operation Kindness… has partnered up with local mobile platform Skratch to give a helping hand with your new furry friend.”

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started: CEO and Co-founder of Skratch

“By impact, Skratch makes social impact with every transaction.”

Hired Hands

Designed to help local families help eachother”

Power, Purpose & Profit: bigBANG! Focuses on Putting Money to Work for Good

Speakers at the Dallas social innovation event took on the concept of impact investing and what that looks like in the realm of real estate, foundations, faith-based work, and more.”

Skratch, Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County Start Pilot Program

“The program will enable in the organization to find quick, safe, skills-based ways to earn extra money with “gigs” inside club locations in Plano…”

Skratch Mobile App Partners with Boys and Girls Club of Collin County

“With the goal to help teens gain a safe and reliable work experience…”

Skratch Mobile App Partners with Boys and Girls Club of Collin County

“With the goal to help teens gain a safe and reliable work experience…”

Skratch Partners with Boys and Girls Club of Collin County

“We are creating opportunities for kids to learn, mentor, and earn..”

15 Entrepreneurs Reveal What Entrepreneurship Means to Them

Our Founder, Scott Bennett reveals what entrepreneurship means to him…

Skratch – Poised to Make Waves in Frisco

“Skratch is a new app ready to make its breakthrough in the Frisco Market.”

Skratch Invest 30

Skratch is “the forward-thinking and relevant solution that will create new job opportunities for teens,” and now local Skratchers can make an easy $30 this summer at no cost to local Seekers!

Skratch is the app you want your teen using this summer! $$$

DALLAS — Last year we told you about a new app called Skratch. It gives teens access to certain jobs that pop up in their own neighborhood…

Save Me Steve: Summer Resources

The kids are out of school and already booooored!! But help is here. Consumer reporter Steve Noviello shares some essential summer resources kids…

How Teens Must Adapt To Growing Up In The Gig Economy

Today’s generation of teens will be more prepared for the future work environment than the generations before them because of the accelerating gig economy…

Meet the New Class of Social Innovators in United Way’s GroundFloor Program

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas has named its new class of GroundFloor fellows — and it’s the biggest one yet. The accelerator program launched in 2013…

Skratch app helps teens find gigs from Frisco to Preston Hollow

The sun sets as a teenager dribbles a soccer ball through some cones, with a young boy following him. The scene was shot by high school students to demonstrate…

Skratch to Match

Know a teenager who’s itching to work and earn a little money? Tell them to Skratch. Skratch, a new application launched in August 2016, matches teens with tasks…

Skratch Squad

Growing up, everyone has made extra money by mowing the lawn or babysitting for a neighbor. However, nowadays it can be harder than ever to find a job as a teenager…

App Campaign Replaces Election Signs for Teen Jobs

DALLAS — It’s time to uproot those campaign signs and get rid of them. But before you go and throw them in the trash, one business has a plan…


Skratch Solutions has developed an app where teenagers can find jobs doing yardwork, babysitting, tutoring or other tasks in their neighborhood…

New App Connects Teens To Paying Gigs In Their Neighborhood

When Scott Bennett, founder and CEO of Skratch, was attending J.J. Pearce High School, it was easy for teens to find a part-time job…

Teens Find Part-Time ‘Gigs’ with Tap of Skratch App

A new app makes it easy for teenagers to find part-time jobs in their neighborhood walking dogs, doing yard work, babysitting or tutoring. The Skratch app was developed in Dallas…

Skratch App

The founders of Skratch grew up worlds apart Scott in Dallas, Texas and Ronen in Bat Yam, Israel. They grew in up in very different cultures…

New App is Helping Teens Land Much Needed Jobs

DALLAS – Looking to make a little scratch? We’re talking cash for those who are scratching their heads. Well, we’ve got some good news…

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