Skratch Founders

The founders of Skratch grew up worlds apart Scott in Dallas, Texas and Ronen in Bat Yam, Israel. They grew in up in very different cultures. However, one thing they absolutely had in common was the value and importance they placed on working as they grew up.

Scott was often around his Grandfather’s handbag factory where products were manufactured and later he spent time in retail selling shoes. Like Scott, Ronen learned about work from his family as he spent time with his father, a shoemaker. He earned most of his money in his teenage years working as a photographer for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Now, with teens of their own seeking work in a dispiriting market, the pair recognized a massive shift away from the importance and ability for teens to gain valuable work experience.

Skratch was created when Ronen’s son, Liam shared his own struggles to find work and expressed that traditional part time employment no longer works for teens today. He realized that so many changing factors has made it almost impossible for teens to find a job. It was his inspiration that motivated Scott and Ronen to build this platform. Skratch is the forward-thinking and relevant solution that will create new opportunities for teens. Scott and Ronen believe in young people and that they deserve the chance to learn to earn. The vision is to leverage technology while offering flexibility to help give teens the same opportunities that so many adults have today. That is working when, how and for who they want to while meeting the demands of their busy lifestyles.