How It Works

A task based job that neighbors request from the teen labor force.  A Seeker posts a gig and a Skratchers accepts the gig.

A teenager (14-19) who accepts the work opportunity.

A Seeker is the Skratch term for an adult who posts a gig for a teenager.

You may edit your gig until and after you post it but once a Skratcher has accepted the gig you are locked in. If you need to change the time/date after the fact, simply text your Skratcher, let them know you will cancel the gig then re-post it. Notify them as you re-book the gig so that they can be the first one to accept it.

Swipe on. Swipe left.

After 4:30pm or on the weekends, school holidays, and summer —all day.

Via email confirmation, a push notification , or inside the app.

You will receive an email from Skratch with the updated changes.

You will be notified immediately upon a Skratcher accepting your gig via email confirmation, a push notification , or inside the app.

We have a unique matching algorithm that suggests qualified teens that live in your area.

As long as they have completed that gig, or a gig in that category, then you have the ability to re-select that Skratcher before notification is sent to other Skratchers in your neighborhood.

Ambition and responsibility are most important. What’s your thing? Where do you excel? Think: academics, extracurricular, hobbies, what are your skill sets? Requirements: positive attitude, assumption that you’ll accept gigs that sound interesting and fun for you, and that you’ll grow and learn from the experience!

Teens self select areas where they have skills. Seekers have access to communicating with the teen and reviewing their profile prior to booking a gig.

No, while we are not an employer we adhere to the federal guidelines for child labor in the United States. Please refer to our terms of use for specific details.

An adult over the age of 20 with valid liability insurance.

A variety of reasons. Also, it is commonly the location of most booked gigs.

No. Some gigs will take place at a location determined by the Seeker. The seeker should be present or near at the time.

While many Skratchers are skilled babysitters, Skratch does not provide babysitters. At Skratch we encourage adults (Seekers) to consider how useful a teen’s skill sets can be when they are doing something they love or are motivated to do. Refer to Skratch Terms of Use.

There are hundreds of teens in your neighborhood and they are thrilled to share their skills. You can request a gig a few hours in advance or a week before.

Download from the app store and register on the app.

Download from the app store and register on the app.

At the end of the gig the Seeker can rate the Skratcher and provide feedback. The skratcher also rates the seeker to make sure both parties are serving each other properly.  We want every transaction to be a positive experience.

Don’t worry it happens. Go into profile, click history, locate the gig then swipe left (you will see a red pay option button), click on pay. Or contact us at so that we can help trigger the transaction.

Thirty minutes prior to the end of your gig, you’ll receive a notification prompting you to extend your gig if desired.

We hope not too far! Your time is precious, Skratcher gigs should be no farther than a 5 mile radius from the Skratcher’s registered address.

Try reposting the gig for a different date and time. Usually if it is posted 24-48 hours in advance, the Skratchers will have more time to fit the gig in their schedules.

After 30 minutes, the gig will become visible to all Skratchers for anyone to accept.

No, due to safety reasons it is best if you let the Seeker know that you will not be able to attend the gig. The Seeker can then reschedule or request another Skratcher.

Payment & Pricing

Payment happens seamlessly per gig via credit card or bank account.  Skratch offers gigs that will cost you far less than any other resource you might consider using. Not only are we a low cost solution, but you will be more than impressed by the excellent service and quality skratchers deliver.

Yes. Skratch determines the price of the gig.

It alleviates any negotiating so that both parties know what to expect.

We don’t recommend tipping.

Prior to confirming your gig, you will have an option to enter a promo code. Current promo codes are valid for one hour of service. If you are a first time user email us to request a free first gig free promo code, enter FREE PROMO CODE in the subject line.

While we expect Skratchers to be on time, if they come within 15 minutes and are able to start the gig any time within that period. If they are a no show, they are not paid.

Once 15 minutes has passed your gig goes into your history page. Go into profile, click history, locate the gig then swipe left (you will see a red pay option button), click on pay.

Remember it can take up to 3 business days to process but if it is beyond that time then please contact support.

Payment is secured through credit cards or bank accounts. Some teens do not have access to a credit card but do have a bank account.

Feedback & Ratings

This is the Skratch dual rating scale, both Skratchers and Seekers have the ability to rate each other.

At the end of your gig, open the app, as your gig ends you will be prompted to rate the Skratcher.

They will receive ratings in the form of “bolt” as well and collect documented comments and feedback from Seekers.

Two-way rating. The teen’s experience is crucial to the success of Skratch and to help make sure every situation they enter is safe.

Skratching creates meaningful opportunities for conversation…about WORK!  Skratch encourages communicating with and discussing gigs with your teen. Herein lies the secret sauce of Skratch and the benefits to accepting responsibility, learning about ourselves, embracing challenges and working on those crucial work related soft skills.

Yes, simply touch select the message icon in the app that your phone will automatically create a text message with your Skratcher.  You and your Skratcher can text before they accept the gig, any adjustment to time, place and details to the gig can be worked out prior to the Skratcher accepting your gig.

We have multiple options for sharing on FB. At the end of posting a gig, the app gives you an option to share on FB.
2. At the end of the gig the app will ask you to post your experience on FB.
3. Go to profile and share from there.
4. Option to share from the parent consent form received via email when your Skratcher registers for the app.


Safety is our first priority. For the safety of each of our families, all users over the age of 17 are screened with the state sex offender registry. We are always exploring new ways to create the safest possible transactions.

No but you can communicate in advance of the gig to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Is Skratch insured?

Yes the platform is fully covered.

During registration, teens must provide parent information including parental email address.  At the end of registration, an email is sent to the parent, requesting consent to permit the use of the Skratch app.
Once the app understands your age, it will categorize you as a Seeker or a Skratcher.
Yes. Teenagers are encouraged to create a profile reflective of their skill sets. Many have spent years playing and practicing the sport or subject they hope to mentor, or have the skill sets….
No Skratchers are not permitted to drive another person on behalf of opportunities on the platform. Of course, if they have a legal license They can drive themselves to get there. Please refer to Skratch Terms of Use.

Teens select skills so they can be notified about gigs that are available as they are requested.  They will only receive notification about gigs that they are open to exploring.

No we ask that teens don’t use any power tools. Please refer to Skratch Terms of Use.

Parent/guardian will receive an email detailing time, location and type of gig accepted by the Skratcher.